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Starting again…

So after a couple of false starts into the global blogging community, I’ve decided that my New Year’s Resolution for 2009 is to make a commitment to the blogosphere and become more engaged with educators in this space. It’s not that I’m not Web 2.0 savvy – far from it, I use just about every other Web 2.0 tool out there and read a number of other people’s blogs – I just don’t regularly post to my own!

I’m always exicted about the potential technology has and I’ve seen just how fantastic it can be with kids of all ages and abilities in my classroom and the classrooms of others, not to mention reading and hearing about the achievements and experiences of educators all over the world. There’s always plenty to blog about, and here’s hoping that over time, my thoughts and ideas will extend into the blogosphere like yours, and contribute to what I feel is very interesting discussion amongst connected educators.